What does “X’ have to do with “Christ”

If you are familiar with the controversy of the use of “X” in place of “Christ” when it comes to typing the word Christmas, you probably are familiar with the phrase “War on Christmas.”  It is true that there are factions in our country that do not want to celebrate Christmas for the primary reason that it points to Jesus Christ and the message and life-style that he purports.  The reaction to this onslaught is equally passionate.  Many Christians are caught in not so flattering phone-captured pictures and videos as they rebut the anti-Christian/anti-Christmas crowd.  If we are honest, some of us Christians are not helping the situation when we seem more angry, and even violent, when defending our faith.  It certainly does not come across as loving.
However, there are times when Christ followers must take a stand.  It may look firm and unwavering; but, it does not have to look ugly.  When we take a stand, we must be able to explain clearly and lovingly why we are taking a stand; and, how taking this stance will actually help our fellow man.  This means we need to do our homoework.
So, when it comes to “putting Christ back into Christmas,” we need to know why using an “X” began in the first place.  Let me explain what I mean.

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  1. Cynthia Davison says:

    Where is the rest of the story? I am reading this and then there is nothing after the sentence “Let me explain what I mean”

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