You, Me, & God

For those who are new to Grace Naz and want to know what we are all about, or would like to better understand what we believe and why, your next step is to attend You, Me, & God.  This is a 13-week group study that will inform you of the values and mission of Grace Naz, basic Christian beliefs, and how you fit in to God’s plan and His church.  For dates and times of group meetings, please check the link at the bottom.

Grace Groups

Grace Groups are small groups of people who join together on a regular basis to “do life together.”  You owe it to yourself to be supported, encouraged, and challenged by people you trust and love.  Being a member of a Grace Group allows you to fulfill God’s mandates to serve, teach, counsel, help, encourage, pray for, and love others in your local church body and in your neighborhood.