Weekend Worship

We meet at 10am on Sundays, where each worship experience includes teaching/preaching.  This provides opportunities to learn more about God and ourselves as well as practical applications that help us live out Jesus’ teachings more effectively.
“I always leave encouraged, and at times,
challenged, when I attend Grace Naz worship.”
— Tanya Jackson

Grace Groups 

Currently, we offer small groups at various times throughout the week, that assist one another in “becoming more like Jesus in every way.”  Small groups allow confidentiality, accountability, and support & encouragement.  

Personal Growthr

Your own quiet time with God is very important in the life of a disciple.  Genuine disciples long to be with Jesus.  As you learn the discipline of personal time with God, there are many resources and tools that may be used to amplify your time with God and personal growth.  

Monthly Ministry

Part of being a disciple is demonstrating the character of Christ in everyday life.  Therefore, Grace Naz provides opportunities to put into practice what we are learning.  Ministering, or serving God and others, is what Christ-like living is all about.  There are many ways a person (YOU) may serve at Grace Naz:  assisting with worship services, volunteering with Outreach opportunities, visiting with those that have difficulty leaving their homes, etc.  If you would like to paricipate, please complete this interest survey: