About Us

Grace Church of the Nazarene (Grace Naz) is just one of approximately 540 churches in the greater Springfield area.  When you take the 330 or so churches in Springfield’s city limits, there is a church for every 547 residents.  So, what would attract you to Grace Naz? 
Grace Naz seems to be a community that speaks honestly about our imperfections, but makes no excuses when responding to God’s expectation for us to live holy lives:  You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy, (Leviticus 19:2 & 1 Peter 1:16).  Holiness is simply, becoming like God, like Jesus in how we live out our lives.  Therefore, Grace Naz exists to help each person (YOU) become a mature follower of Jesus.   

When You Visit 

Feel free to dress casual. Nice jeans and a nice shirt are normal.  Suits and ties are welcome, but not necessary. ​
Enter at main, central doors. Our hospitality team members will greet you. ​
Ask any question you need to ask. Our hospitality team members want to serve you. There are also signs that direct you to your intended destination. ​
Arrive at 9:15am for the chance to pray with one another–and to receive prayer. Our worship service starts at 10am and we worship corporately through song, preaching, prayer, tithing, and serving. ​​
You’ll experience meaningful worship with a blend of music styles and messages via modern forms of media.


What we Hope you’ll Experience 

Grace Naz collective desire is to create opportunities for people (YOU) to Believe and accept the grace of God, Become like Jesus in every way, and Be Jesus’ hands and feet to others.  Everything we do as a church family revolves around this purpose.

What we Hope You’ll Adopt

Like many other churches, we believe strongly in worship, prayer, growing in Jesus-like character, and serving others:
We worship on purpose.  We create worship experiences that are meant to encourage
as well as empower each worshiper in his/her relationship with God.  
We pray on purpose.  We understand that communicating with God is the most powerful thing we do as Jesus’ followers.  We help new believers grow in their understanding of prayer, personal and corporate, and how it improves our relationship with God.  We, also, create many opportunities for praying together throughout each week.
We become like Jesus on purpose.  This process is called discipleship.  The Word of God
clearly describes Jesus’ accepetance of you/me just as we are; but also His expectation
that each of us becomes just like Him in character and behavior.
We serve others on purpose.  Jesus calls everyone of His followers to love and serve each other, especially the most vulnerable.  We accomplish this with planned service projects, ongoing assistance for families experiencing food shortages, and weekly support and care for all church family members.